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Hi gang, does anyone have any early Bing catalogs they could share with me? I'm trying to identify the type of loco that would go with a gauge II tender that I have, but my paper resources are very limited. I believe that the tender is pre 1898 because it has buffers on both ends. What locos did they make at that time? Can someone scan a catalog page or two for me? Or share pics? 



Thanks in advance!  

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there is a picture of the loco on page 122 of Udo becher's "Early Tinplate Model Railways" however, it is pictured in front of a roundhouse with a Gauge 1 "Victoria" and several other Gauge 1 engines. The caption states: "The earliest of the gauge 1 clockwork locomotives carries the old Bing emblem on the smokebox door and has the wheels with a few broad spokes that date from Bing's early period" No number ID on it but very similar in appearance to the later Victoria.

Yes there are references to early Bing Gauge 2 steam engines, among other brand names.
Originally Posted by LallyTrek:

Thanks guys. I found that one photo on, but I'm looking for more. 


I just purchased "Early Tinplate Model Railways," so I'll take a good look when it comes in the mail. Did you see any mention of early gauge 2 locos, or just gauge 1?


Thanks for the scans, Frank. Seems like a great buy for 3 bucks! 


So now I know what gauge 1 engines were made for that style tender, but my tender is gauge 2. Does anyone know if Bing's gauge 2 line was much different from their gauge 1 line in the early years? Would the gauge 2 loco for my tender look just like these gauge 1 locos or is it something different? Any clue? 

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