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We used to like Radio Shack’s Tuner cleaner for various maintenance.  Since that’s no longer an option, an alternative is needed.

CRC has two products: QD Contact Cleaner (blue can) and QD Electronics Cleaner (red can).  
Each is fast drying, and claims to be safe on plastics.

Which one does the group recommend?  Or something else?

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Audiophiles, (think repairable 1970s, 100 plus real watts per channel, silver faced, blue dials, wood veneer cases, vintage audio, my other major interest), universally believe in Caig DeoxIT Contact Cleaner for contacts and Caig DeoxIT Fader F5 Lub for rheostats.  The are expensive but they are superior.  For lesser needs (like most train work) I use CRC first.  I always use Caig if I have spent several hours taking a receiver apart and want to do the job once.


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hi DeoxIT is one of the best cleaners I've ever seen, I originally used it on guitar jacks or organs wires to amps, when they had a problem with the audio cutting out, once you spray Detoxit on it and then spray it again a few minutes later it actually washes away the oxidation! you can actually buy it on amazon!


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