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AGHRMatt asked me for more shots of a factory/warehouse I built in 2017 using two Korber modular kits. I built this structure in 2017.

Rather than add these pics to the Modular Group News thread, I put it here in Scenery and Structures.

I wish the kits would become available again.

This was a challenging build that I would like to "do over". I had to do a lot of extra bracing...... you can see that my career was as a biological science person rather than a physical science person.....I didn't foresee all the structural issues......


The next few show the inner bracing and my storage area for glue, smoke fluid, etc....


Build pictures from 2017 come next....



Images (11)
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  • B4A36886-B7CF-46FB-BCD1-99548F58442F
  • 7130AF7E-E386-41D0-8722-140EEBC77616
  • 106A5D85-5E3F-4CFC-9F27-F3EB2CCBFB80
  • C5DFFC2D-7921-4040-ABE5-1DECFC790F0F
  • FDD51261-5147-430F-8CC8-6E253445181F
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@Bill Webb posted:

Peter pull up the Korber Models website and look at pages 5-6. Buildings are shown there. I didn’t see that they are not open for business.

Bill.......look at Korber HO kit number building was made from 2 sets of the O scale version of a like structure kit (and sold specifically as a factory-type building).......those don't exist anymore.


@Joe Fauty posted:

Peter - I am intrigued by the building on the left

Joe.....that is MAX FOODS.......Max was son's Golden Doodle 2006-2020. From 2011-2016 he was basically mine (My son was an undergrad at Yale from 2011-2015 and worked as a paralegal in NYC from 2015-2016). He then moved to Charlottesville while my son went to UVA Law school........Then I kept him summers while my son was working out of town.

Max was with me in the summer of 2017 when I was expanding my modules for the club's (River City 3 Railers) modular layout. I wanted to build an old manufacturing building. I was inspired by a building called Big Dog Tires on the Capital Tracker's layout. It is based on the parts from 2 Lionel kits that share the same footprint and many parts: the Electrical Substation and the Municipal Building. I also noticed that Dennis Brennan and Norm Charboneau also used these kits to build their own unique industrial buildings.

So I started creating plans for a building......Max was with me. I didn't know what to call it.....and, it was Max who suggested MAX FOODS.....a company that only makes gourmet dog treats.

Here is Max helping me with design. I believe this is also the day he suggested the name.


From planning to actual construction......Max was there......about 6 weeks of work spanning June-August 2017.....




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