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Several forumites previously recommended fastrack.  The kids don't like my garage layout.  Too complicated.  They have to be careful with things and can't just enjoy playing.  I want to encourage them in trains and they have said if they had some track they can set up and just play with they would do it.  Any thoughts on a source of cheap fastrack either new or used?  email if you have any suggestions.










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You only see assortments once in a while that are worth picking up on e-bay.  You have to keep your eyes open.  Also keep your eyes on the For Sale forum here.  I have seen some worthwhile offers.  What I have noticed is that many of the people selling FasTrack seem to expect to get near retail price for it.


A couple of other things to note...  The "outer passing loop" and "figure 8" track packs are worth looking at.  The switches in the passing loop pack are manual but they are a cheap way to get the ability to have a loop to loop setup.  They are still non-derailing so you could watch trains go back and forth instead of round and round.


You might also consider a couple of O-Gauge adapter tracks which would allow them to supplement the FasTrack with standard tubular.



I'd be at least a little cautious of used Fastrack in some cases.  Not so much from people on this forum, but there are dopes like me out there who managed to abuse it to the point where it got kind of loose.  Most guys here are smart enough to support it properly, but I ran heavy engines on carpet and beat some of mine up.  I've now got a solid surface under it and life is much better, but just keep an eye on it.   Of course, the upside of abused/loose Fastrack is that it goes together like butter, and for a real small setup it might not be that much of an issue.  I've struggled to connect some new Fastrack; it's not something a kid can do easily.  Another tip I learned was to coat the connectors with a little RailZip/DeOxit before plugging them together.  It makes a difference in terms of conductivity; more than I would have though possible.  It also adds a little lubrication.  Good stuff to have around IMO, but then you probably don't want the kids covered in the stuff/having squirt gun battles with it  


   Go to a few trains shows in your area, usually there are a lot of different people

selling all kinds of different track and accessories, its usually the cheapest place to pick up FasTrack.  Look the track over very carefully and you can usually come up with quality FasTrack for real decent money.  When I expanded my layout this is how I purchased my FasTrack, and I found all the different track I wanted.


OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653
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