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I need car data information on the Hooker or Penn Salt Mfg Flat Cars with Chlorine tanks. I have an older MTS version I'm painting but have no decals. I need the car data weight info, length etc on the car. I have the artwork for the Hooker and Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing names and some correct car numbers but nothing else. I believe Sunset made these cars. If anyone has one of these and can post a photo That i can get the car data off of I'd appreciate it.


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Mike, I have a photo of a Penn Salt chlorine tanker flat like that in a 1953 Car Builder's Cyclopedia.
CAPY is 80,000
LT WT is 33,800
AAR Class TMU,
Builder: ACF.
The car's reporting mark is PSMX 1016, oddly on the extreme right side sheet.

A long sign is attached to the middle of the car reading in Gothic type caps:
followed by in smaller letters on two lines:

No note as to color but I'd suppose it's a black car with white lettering and stainless steel chlorine cannister tanks.
I could scan this and send it to you if you like.

Let me know directly by e-mail since I'm unable to directly post photos here.

Ed Bommer
No note as to color but I'd suppose it's a black car with white lettering and stainless steel chlorine cannister tanks.

Those are standard chlorine ton containers. They are carbon steel and usually painted silver. Pioneer Chemical liked to paint theirs blue with yellow bonnets.

Putting fifteen tons on a flat car is not very efficient which is why there never were too many of these cars. 50 to 90 tons can be carried by a conventional tank car and a truck can haul 12 loaded ton containers and stay under 80,000 lbs gross weight.
In part, the one ton size chlorine tank may have been related to the needs of end users of that gas. Municipal well water treatment plants I think, may have been one such user. Large public swimming pools perhaps another?

Once such a car reached its main delivery point, the individual tanks would be taken by truck to their final destinations, much like cement and brick containers once carried in gondola cars.

I can't seem to recall bulk chlorine gas being carried in tank trucks back in the 1950s. However I do recall occasionally seeing these 1 ton gas containers tied down on special rack-equipped delivery trucks.

Ed Bommer
I can’t post them because they are copyrighted, but in James Kinkaid, Tank Car Color Guide Vol 1. Morning sun books 2010, at pp120 and 121 there are 5 different photos of this type of car (ICC166A500: ACFX 426, ACFX 522, JCIX 131 (Jones Chemicals), RTCX 340 (Olin Matheison) and SHPX 216 (Dupont).
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