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I use foam for most of my scenery. Its easy to work with, and gives a fairly nice result. I use a paper template to represent the footprint of the foam on the train table. I then use a hot knife (Tippy) to carve the foam. I use acrylic caulking  and wooden skewers or toothpicks to hold the layers of foam together. I have used computer packaging foam, blue insulation foam and pink insulation foam. They all work well. The caulking also fills any holes and seam lines. I then paint the foam with my base colour of dirt (50% paiant-50% water) and sprinkle with grass and dirt coloured ground textures, when still wet, so they stick and give a good base. Then I add more layers of detail. I do all this in my workroom, which is in a different room than the train room. The acrylic paint seals the foam well enough that I do not add an other sealer.

This picture below has N-scale houses on a rock face, to represent the housing used by the miners, located on the back wall beside my mine scene.


The rock face below is made of foam. This was done in stages, and still has my first attempt at using foam for rock faces. I will have to re-texture my first attempt some day, when I get around to it, eventually, as I have learned so much since then.

1-8 IMG_0109


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