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This week I have several new pictures of the front end of my trains.  I'm in the process of selling most of my traditional sized trains and took these shots as part of the For Sale or Trade posts.  Since I've got them, here they are:

K-Line K3386-1396 4-6-2 in SR Ps-4 Crescent Limited colors


K-Line K2780-4892 PRR GG1


Lionel 6-8352 (powered) and 6-8355 (non-powered w/horn) SF GP-20 set


Lionel 6-18352 SP MU w/display



Images (4)
  • DSCN0295
  • DSCN0312
  • DSCN0321
  • DSCN0323

MTH did not make it this way; new paint job/weathering, proper GM&O scratch built nose and light bezel, "hand-built" nose decal (so many cuts, so little time - but nobody makes this). It started out as a MILW unit with 2 lights.

Wore me out - so much so that I haven't wanted to open it up again to lose the PS1 and install the ERR Cruise Commander and Alco Railsounds. And that's the easy part. But, soon.



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  • DSCN2688
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