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I have the following parts for sale. I used to do a lot on the bay, but prefer private sales. All speakers come with pins and connectors.

Shipping is Flat $6 USPS First Class or you can pay for an upgraded service

  • 16ohm 2-inch (50mm) Speakers for PS2 5-volt Board Engines - Even have the small ones for diesel fuel tanks $10 Each
  • 8ohm 2-inch (50mm) Speakers for PS1 Engines - Also have the thin ones for diesel fuel tanks $10 Each
  • 4ohm 2-inch (50mm) Speakers for PS2/PS3 Engines $10 Each
  • MTH Battery Replacements (BCR) 3- Volt *$15 Each
  • MTH Battery Replacements (BCR) 5- Volt (Replaces the 9-volt rechargeable battery) *$19 Each
  • MTH Smoke Unit Wick $3 Each
  • MTH Smoke Unit Electric Motors $5 Each

STAR 16ohm SpeakerSTAR 16ohm Speaker Back8ohm Speaker PS1 Front8ohm Speaker PS1 Back

BCR 5-Volt BoardBCR 2 A


Images (6)
  • STAR 16ohm Speaker
  • STAR 16ohm Speaker Back
  • 8ohm Speaker PS1 Front
  • 8ohm Speaker PS1 Back
  • BCR 5-Volt Board
  • BCR 2 A
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