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I bought the LIRR version. Initially, I had issues. I had major league traction issues with mine. It could hardly move itself without slipping and/or loosing traction. Forget about pulling a train. Took it back to my LHS and they gave me another one. The "new" one runs great. Good puller, sounds good. It seems to sort of have the "quick stop" issue in conventional but not as bad as the steam engines. Just barely tolerable for me personally. Overall, I'm glad to have it and glad I ordered it. I also have the scale Williams 44ton for sale on the for sale forum. 

It will find, at least on my layout, find every single dip or track issue and slip. I guess that is good as it finally made me fix a few spots that cause issues with other engines but never bad enough to cause serious operating issues. A shim or two and a few Gargraves track screws and we were in good shape!

No smoke unit, which is just fine with me. I don't care for smoke units in diesels and in general find MTH smoke units too overpowering in my home. 

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Hmmmm... wouldn't say those are rave reviews, but I definitely still want one!

I have an older tubular O42 layout running right now and a 3 rail scale (Gargraves/Ross) layout in the planning and acquisition stages. I wonder how performance will be on the old Lionel tube track? 

The smoke unit was not clear, but I saw that the 2nd run shown in the 2017 volume 1 catalog definitely shows smoke out of both exhausts! I wonder if it will be possible to get parts?

Anyone care to share some pictures or video?


I doubt one could squeeze in a smoke unit, much less 2.  I have no regrets about buying one.

Bear in mind that this is a completely new design, with smaller drive trains and a new miniature PS3 board.  It is not just a reuse of old machinery and electronics.  As with anything totally new, bugs may pop up; as of now I haven't seen any other than my trackwork issue on a sensitive switch (a dip in mainline and a curve that goes down a grade).

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My only significant complaint is the supercap is apparently undersized and any loss of power drops it out in about a second.  When you kill track power, it can't complete the shutdown sequence, it does it for a second or so and then just quits.

It's a pulling fool, I pulled 18 Menard's coal hoppers with mine and it didn't have any problem on level track.  Note that the Menard's hoppers have a configuration like many post-war cars with more rolling friction than modern needle-point axles, so pulling 18 of them is impressive.  It was also pulling the caboose.   The sounds are great and a lot louder than I would have expected from the tiny speaker.

just click that little movie screen icon in the middle right above where you type in your post.

paste in the field where the utube video posts the share button.

So, go to the utube channel and the actual video.

click share

copy that highlighted blue link that appears after clicking share. ex ""

click the movie icon above and where it says "source" paste in that utube link for share

the video is now embedded into your reply.



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