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We are considering re-releasing some of our famous trains of the past in Aluminum. And due to our ability to make smaller runs in these trains, how popular do you think 18" Shorties in Aluminum would be with all the trimmings? (Flush Windows, Full Interiors with LED Lighting, 10 Figures / car, 042 Compatible, ball bearing journals on every car?

Yes, we would still make the same trains in full Scale Length, at the same time. Just 2 styles, Shorties and Scale.

Considering The Following:

1948 20TH CENTURY LTD. (8 Car Set) + Extras

1948 BROADWAY LTD.  (8 Car Set) + Extras

SP DAYLIGHT WITH ARTICULATED CARS. (10 Car Set), 5 Articulated, 5 Regular.

What yee say to that?

One thing, the cost and the prices would be the same as the full length scale cars we have been offering about $285 / car. Just making them to run on smaller layouts for thee.

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Unfortunately, they don't work on regular cars only articulated cars. The problem is that on regular cars the ends of the cars move sideways to each other much more than a diaphragm can displace. The articulated cars pivot on a common center point so the diaphragms always maintain alignment. But these would be great for display for regular cars.

I'll consider making them widely available.

Hm, mixed emotions here.
Good to hear about ability to make quick turns/production runs going forward.

Less enthused because none of these are for me since I'm fortunate to have these consists already. Although mine is the '38 Century Limited. It did take some time to acquire them.  But very glad to have them.

Frankly, GGD/Sunset is my preferred producer of scale models. I love finding out about new announcements, as rare as they may be. Certainly makes them more exciting when they do happen!
It'd be great to hear about something new coming out. But understand the need to get products out in order to keep the gears of the business machine greased...
As much as I'd like to say give something new a shot: You should still do these!
Everyone should have the opportunity to have a set (or two, or three) of GGD cars in their collection!
And these consists really do represent some of the finer products done in the past and, in some cases (SP Daylight) are the  non-cost prohibitive/realistically obtainable standard for these consists in this hobby.


That would be outstanding!! I'm in for the 20th Century and the Daylight.. and if you were to do an El Cap in 18" I'm all over it. 

The 21" cars are beautiful and no one does them better than you but they are just too big for my layout and most of the average sized layouts out there. Lionel has pretty much abandoned the 18" market and the few sets made by MTH are all plastic. I believe there is a large market for that size car especially if made from ALUMINUM!


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rex desilets posted:

Mixed feelings. 3rd Rail, GGD have provided us with models as close to perfect scale as achievable at a reasonable price. Making shorty passenger cars degrades that reputation.


How?    It's not as if he is advertising one thing and sending something different.   Yes, the scale stuff is magnificent.     I see no issue with the shorter cars, with same level of scale detail.

I know of at least 2 other importer/manufactures in 3 Rail O Scale, one known for their scale accuracy in O Scale 2Rail, who puts out models in 2 levels of detail / accuracy. I don't see that they have diminished their reputation for scale accuracy in the former. I just need to make it clear in Logos and words, GGD for O42... and that should tell the customer what to expect.

I also imagine the customer with the smaller space layout enjoying their engines pulling crappy cars with no interiors and completely incorrect details, or those bulging windows and totally wrong window configs and the such, enjoying a near scale model for their layout, with good lighting, interiors and figures. I bet 1/3 of our potential customers have this issue preventing them from buying the full size cars. If I have a minimum at the factory for so many cars per project, this could put us over the limits we need to get you scale guys what you want too. That's my thoughts on the subject.

And thanks for all the advise. It's what I asked for. Some times you like it, sometimes you don't but it's you the customer that matters.



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Remakes in 18" of some of the earlier passenger trains offered by GGD seems like a brilliant idea.  I would think those would sell well for the reasons identified in this thread.  And if they could be reissued in 21" too at the same time, that would be great for those who may have missed out on the first run.  The resale prices on the GGD aluminum cars is high, when you can find them, so there appears to be a demand for the previously issued 21" trains.

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