Is the market drying up, MTH doesn't seem to have any planned in the future.

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That is what I have heard. MTH is moving away from any new tinplate production according to the rumor mill.

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That is what I have heard. MTH is moving away from any new tinplate production according to the rumor mill.

Hmmmmmm....News to me.  I'll have to inquire.  Yes these units dried up quicker than anticipated.  We sold out last fall and tried to order more.

Sounds like every one is experiencing the shortage as I am .... 

I guess the shortage would be a good question for me to ask Mike Wolf at York .

( stupid me .. I was just talking to him at our local WI FI roll out in December .. he did the demo)

OK, I had a nice chat with MTH.  There is NO truth to any rumor that MTH is "moving away" from any new tinplate production.

Are they going to produce new tinplate faster than the market can absorb?  MTH's answer is no.

As a modern tinplate operator myself, I will say I am happy for what I can get today and look forward to the day new is made available.

JR junction ... Thanks for checking into it . That is good news, been a Train Guy my whole life, Retired now... I have been a very dedicated MTH customer since I purchased my first set, a GG1 with purple Box freight cars in 1994 ish for a Christmas display layout I built.. went to DSC  when it came out and love it, WiFi and love it and the quality and value is great . Recently have started dabbling in their O Tinplate. PS I have purchased from you in the past and was very pleased with your service.  Thanks again.


I'm in the same boat as you, started with my first PS2 set in 2000. Was amazed at the sounds, smoke puffing etc that it had. Many more sets after that. I recently got a TIU and WIU and now just got a new Lionel / MTH 269e set from MrMuffins.  Absolutely stunning!  Guess I'll be buying some more Lionel / MTH tinplate !!!

Thanks for offering ... but I am looking for a 260E Black / Nickle PS 2 or 3 or a 263

I have done a lot of searching the Chessie's, Southerns are newer and are readily available, not sure how well they are selling, they are very nice looking, but I like hi tech with a tradition look.  I guess my real original concern is I haven't  seen much of what I am looking for, and haven't seen any in the short term past or any coming in the new catalogs. I know a business is going too make more if what they have out in the market isn't sold yet ... Mike has to run his business, my timing is bad.


I bought the B&O set.  I love the black 260e PS2 engine.  There are still a few sets available at some of the forum sponsors.

Western Depot has 7 at $599.  They come with lighted caboose, two cars, track and a Z1000.  Sell what you don't want here or on eBay and you are way ahead!

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George thanks for trying to help ... I checked the two sets Western has ... they are really nice, typical of MTH ... but I did get a Black and Brass 260e a while back ..Now looking for the Black and Nickle ... my problem is I have more cars than engines ...  and I would probably breakdown and buy a set to get the engine I want even though I have accumulated a lot of cars over time and really just need a couple more engines.

Thanks  again

The bay has a black and silver, 262E PS3 with passenger sounds.  Bidding is pretty low for now...

I'm not sure MTH ever produced a Black 260E with nickel trim with PS-2 or PS-3. They cataloged them but I think they were produced with brass trim. There was a recent black PS-3 263 with nickel trim. These started disappearing over the last year.  Another option to consider is buying a 1990 vintage MTH model and adding TMCC. 

Sorry, didn't read that it had to be nickel.  One option is to buy both the crackle black with nickel and the black with brass and switch the trim.  Then sell the one you don't want. I guess it depends how bad you want it.  

Thanks to you and all who has tried to help .. The Forum has always had wonderful helpful people...... what a great resource for our obsession or is it a hobby  : ) ..... I almost purchased a green striped one and paint the green black .... but I have to many other things going on. I am giving up for now .. hope to find something at YORK.

Thanks again

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