I just bought a new Bachmann On30 Heisler but it may be defective because its top speed on my 36" diameter track is only .28 MPH (one circuit every 20 seconds).

I know that the geared locomotives are intended to be slow, but 1/4 MPH can't be right, can it ?

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If the locomotive is making a circuit of a 36-inch diameter circle in 20 seconds, its speed is 22.6 feet-per-second full scale which is 15.4 miles-per-hour full scale. Sounds about right for a Heisler.


That is definitely in the range for a Heisler.  Meant for pure torque as most were used for logging where they laid the track in sections with minimal grading to get to the trees and pulled it all up and re-used it to get to other areas once the trees were logged.  They could easily pull log skeletons up a 10% grade.

Ultimate carpet central anyone?



Shay's and Climax's run about the same speeds.     Hearing one (such as at Cass) running 10 MPH sounds like it is doing 100 MPH!

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