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Hello all - New to the forum as I search for validation on this model Subway's origin and appreciate any feedback.


Recently stumbled across a very interesting Model Subway. This piece is bigger than any common model railroad scales in use or not in use. The Subway car looks like the IND R-types and I was told that this looks like the one from the 1939 Worlds fair exhibit on subway safety where a larger than G-scale model Subway would stop and go based on a real Subway Signal of the time, thus showcasing the safety of Subway's.   The model used a 3rd set up.  The one that I obtained has a 3rd and 4th outside pick up.  I believe over the years someone modified the set up as the 2 back pickups are home made from shiny brass. 


The wheels on center are about 2 3/8 inch apart. So its bigger than Standard and G Scale. I had it serviced at a hobby shop here in PA and they said I would have to hand lay rails...besides the fact that they have never seen anything like it. It has a Brass encased motor, diecast metal body and I believe 8 light bulbs to illuminate the silhouettes of people inside. The Unit measures approximately 16 inches long and weighs about 10 pounds.  Wiring has been updated and the drive belt on the motor was also replaced and the window shilohetts are newer and not original, I only have one of the original clear plastic window inserts.


So I ordered a copy of the book "Subway to the worlds fair" by Fred Kramer published by Bells and whistles NJ 1991, which depicted the Subway exhibit.  I also had a brief chat with the author and publisher but the information and pics are long gone.  I received the book yesterday and it looks like a dead on match but would appreciate any feedback from the forum on validation of this beauty.   See the pics below. I also included some pics from the book














Images (9)
  • DSCN7242: The Model I stumbled upon - aint she a beauty!
  • DSCF1956: Pic from book "Subway to the Worlds Fair 1"
  • DSCF1958: to the Worlds Fair 1"
  • DSCF1963: to the Worlds Fair 1"
  • DSCN7243
  • DSCN7247
  • DSCN7249
  • DSCN7253
  • DSCN7278
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I am going to check out Gargraves for track thanks. Without knowing the history I ran it briefly for the lit pics with a lionel zw transformer and it ran slow so that's when I decided to let the Hobby shop take over I didn't want to fry the motor.  They ran it  on blocks as none of us had track and they ran it at 20 volts. They told me that depending on my layout size I will have to invest in a good G-scale DC power supply. 


OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653
800-980-OGRR (6477)

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