Bought a Postwar Hornby Loco which the seller sold "as is" so I assumed I would have to repair the spring.  I was correct and I completed the repair and it is now running with only one minor cut from the spring.


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Very nice, always glad to see a clockwork loco brought back to life!  Were you able to reterminate the broken end of the mainspring, or did you replace it?

I was able to reattach the old spring.  If anyone wants it I have a PDF from the magazine of the Hornby Railway Collectors Association on how to repair Hornby CW engines

I would like to see your PDF. I have bought two engines both worked briefly before failing. Would live to get them working again.

I no longer have my back issues, but one was from July 1999 and the others would be from around that same time

lewrail posted:

Way to go Tom.  
Good thing that the spring was cut and not your fingers or hand!!!  Lew Schneider

Good observation Lew.  In my younger days one of my hobbies was collecting, rebuilding and repairing antique Mantel clocks. The amount of energy stored in a tightly wound spring or even a partially wound spring is unbelievable. Jim

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