With your track plan open, click File, and then Export. Then click Windows BMP and save that file to your desk top or where ever you'd like. Then attach that bmp file to your post. If you have a photo editing program, you can convert that bmp to a jpg file, or can can use the "Paint" program in your Windows pc to convert it.
If you want to attach the RRTrack file directly to your reply, select the Add Attachment link when posting a reply. You'll be prompted for the windows location and file name (File Source) or you can simply click on the Browse button, locate the .rrt layout file and double click on it. Add your own file description if you care to.

The trick may be finding the .rrt files on your computer. In Windows 7, the File Upload dialogue that appears after clicking browse has a search tool at the top right on the tool/menu bar. Enter *.rrt in the search tool and it should bring up a list of all your RRTrack layout files. Double click the one you want and it will be attached to the reply. Be sure that there is nothing entered in the File Name prompt when you use the search tool. It may take a moment or two to locate the files.



Please keep in mind that not everyone that may want to see your work
will have the RRTrack software, and won't be able to see it. If you
export and attach a jpg file, everyone will be able to see the layout.
Of course, if your purpose is for someone to open your layout in RRTrack,
then you would need to attach the .rrt file.
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