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...That means that anything on that page (photos, diagrams or web links) that works as a "link" will only be there as long as the linked material is still available....

This is no different from viewing the original post on the web. If a link changes, or a photo site shuts down, the links in the original post on the web won't work either, unless that page is updated with the new link.

...Unlike Rich's method, though, the PDF process does give you permanent copies of photos, diagrams and web links.

A PDF will not give you "permanent copies..." of photos or web links. The exact same situation is in play here as above where you save the web page as an html file. If a link on a web pages changes or disappears, the link in the PDF won't work either.

With regard to photos, the images on a web page are saved as part of the PDF. You cannot pull an individual image out of a PDF to save it unless you own a PDF editing program like Acrobat. And even then, you will get only the low-resolution image that was saved in the PDF. However, if you save the page as an html file, you have access to the original images in the post. If there is a particular photo you want to save, you can right-click on the photo and save it from the menu that will come up. In many cases, the actual image file is a medium to high resolution image that has been downsized to fit on a web page. That means that when you grab it and save it, you get the higher resolution image.

You cannot do any of that in a PDF.


I stand corrected.  Upon further review of my DOWNLOAD subdirectory, I found both an HTML file and a new subdirectory with a name that matched the HTML file name.  That new subdirectory (which I had not seen earlier) did contain the photos and everything but the text from the downloaded forum topic which is already in the HTML file.

Thank you for opening my eyes.


You have to open the associated .HTM file, that links all the files together, see indicated file.  If you open the folder, you'll see all the individual files.

Open the .HTM file associated with the folder.

Thanks  John , Tried it no joy.  This is a twelve year old W-7 computer that I hacked software to run Nikon film scanners and Alps printers who's most recent drivers are XP.  I did not upgraded this box to W-10 when it was free. Glad about that I have a W-10 box and hate it. About two years ago after a Windows update my Document file looked unrecognizable.  However since that event I have saved web pages as "WEB PAGE COMPLETE"  and end up with two files one is a folder with all the individual files and another with the Firefox icon that if you click on will open the page you saved in it's entirety. I usually make a new folder and drag both these files into the new folder just to cut down on clutter. Attached photo of my Document file with small icons. Note the HTML folder with the firefox icon on the right side of the photo.  When I drag the courser over it I get a info box which says "File Count 207 Empty Folder" I can well understand why Alan says he does not install Windows updates on his W-7 machine. What I started doing is to use an add-on to Firefox called "PRINT EDIT W.E."  It allows saving a web page as a PDF  with subtractive editing so you can take out ads and Attaboys. Though the photos are saved in the PDF I go back and right click on each photo to save the full size version. Then I create a folder for the PDF and all the photos I save separate. It would be nice to get all the WEB PAGE COMPLETE files I had saved when Microsoft's update corrupted my document file (registry?). Everything else about this computer works fine just all these System files in My Documents.    j


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