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I'm new to this hobby and don't know anything.  I bought a used Irene's diner (Lionel) for my modest 4x8 layout.   The unit looks good and works fine, but one of the bulbs burned out inside.  Do I access this from the bottom or top?  I don't want to break anything trying to do something not suppose to.

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Many of Lionel's manual say that even when super specialized tools are not needed.

You can take a look at the parts breakdown here and you can see that two types of lamps are used:

6204176302 LAMP / 14V 130MA / W/ BASE / WIRED / DINER 
6204176301 LAMP / 18V 0.1MA / CLEAR / BI-PIN

While Lionel doesn't stock both bulb types, forum sponsor @S AND W  does:

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