Marty, I am sorry to hear of your health problems. I hope you get better very soon. I will send up some prayers for you. May God bless you and your family. 


I'm hoping that you won't mind another unsolicited comments from a person you have never met, but I, too, have enjoyed your comments, events and photos that appeared on the forum.

I'm hoping that your strength returns and each day you become stronger and healthier. 

I look forward to hearing that you are returning to all your normal pursuits and these present health issues were momentary distractions which are properly behind you in the past.

I wish you a fast and speedy recovery.  Get well soon.



Marty Fitzhenry posted:

Hello Guys.   It is my health.   A few years ago I had prostate cancer and needed to get my prostate removed.   That was followed up with radiation  and hormone therapy.   Two years ago it was discovered that I now have bladder cancer.    Three different operations were done to remove the cancer.   I just had one recently and the effects of being put out as many times as I have had are causing me all sorts of grief.   To top that, I had a blood clot removed from my leg only two days after the bladder operation.   I am trying to get better from all of this and doing my best.  I will not be at York this April.   This will be the first time I have missed from 1980.   I am a fighter and will hopefully go to York in the fall.    Thank you all for your concerns.  It is appreciated very much.   Being a person who never smoked a day in my life I will fight this.

Thank you for your concern David.

Get well soon Marty - you got this! 

Marty has been through a lot over the past few years, But he's as TOUGH as they come ! and HE'S  KICKING CANCER'S BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .  God Bless you Marty !!!!


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get well and speedy recovery,prayers are with you.went through the same prostate surgey  4 years ago.stay positive and you will win the fight,God bless.


😣  ∝℘‰∴¤ 

I had to make up a new way to swear for that Marty 😧

It seems you derserve 5 unique letters at the least and "Super"-man is already copywrited 

Looking forward to your swooping in and saving some more GG-1 posts   

Marty, I'm really sorry to hear that, you've had a rough road to hoe, hang in there and keep on fighting.  We would sure hope to lose you, I'm sure everyone is in agreement, our prayers and hopes and best wishes go out to you.

Hang in there Marty.  Be well and stay strong.  While you're laid up, switch on the NFL Network from time to time.  Lots of Patriots Super Bowl re-runs!  

Marty  we have never met but I read your posts. 

I wish you a speedy and good recovery.


Prayers for a complete recovery Marty. Harry Henning, who many of you may know also recently battled stomach cancer. His doctors told him he is cancer free. This horrible disease affects just about every family, and each of us know someone who has battled cancer.

Best of recovery to you Marty. Also, I want to say I enjoy your posts, experience, and knowlege.

Fitzhenry - Best of luck to you.  Almost got me, but I am lucky.  Beat cancer three different times.  You can too.  Nothin to it.  Just keep going and it all comes around.  Cheers,       W1

Marty. Sorry to hear of the new battle. I have met and talked to you several times at York but I have missed the last three and will miss April also. I hope to make the October York. What you said about the number of times being put under has a long lasting effect as you stated. I had 4 1/2 hours under and it took me over two years to partially recover. I am doing better now and hope you will also. I have missed seeing several of my train buddies as you will but hang in there and make it back for October. Thinking of you and wishing you the best. Get well soon!  Bob

Marty,I have read many of your informative posts through the years and finally met you at Fall York in 2013 and you had time to talk to me.I wish you a speedy recovery,my wife has fought the cancer battle three times and won,our prayers are with you.


Marty, add me to the list of people who care and are pulling for your speedy recovery to health. I too have been treated royally as a guest at your house. A treat one does not forget.

All the best,



I am certainly praying for your strength, a cure, and a speedy recovery!  I really appreciate your presence here on the Forum, and I am glad I met you at York a couple years ago.

It's obvious you are way too tough to let this thing take you down.  Maybe slow you down but for only for a bit.  Thanks for sharing great advice and suggestions.  Get well soon tough guy. 

Marty you have been instrumental in keeping me current in OGR.  My Prayers and thoughts are with you as you fight this battle.  Attitude is a key player in this battle and I know you are ready for the fight. Reach out if there is anything we can do to help.


I'm sorry to hear you will miss York.  The collective thoughts of everyone here on the forum are with you.  We're all pulling for you and praying for a full recovery.  Stay strong my friend.


Get well my friend. Like Jim, I'm not a big prayer man, but you know how Sue and I feel about you and we're so much pulling for you.


Marty will beat this. He is as strong as they come and has some of the best medical care in the country. We are a phone call away Marty if you need something. 

You are a rare individual as illustrated by your contributions to our hobby. I send my best wishes for success in your determination to overcome your illness.

Dewey Trogdon posted:

You are a rare individual as illustrated by your contributions to our hobby. I send my best wishes for success in your determination to overcome your illness.

I completely agree. May your fighting spirit prevail.


One of the worst side effects of surgery is the anesthesia "hangover" !

The combination of how deep long many times under..and your age make it harder to come back each time. It can take weeks..even months sometimes but as all have said you are one tough SOB and you will beat this with time..

Good thoughts and all the best wishes...


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