Funny that NESSMUCK mentions S magazines.  We're going to move soon, and I have BOXES of Dispatches, S Gaugians and Classic Toy Train magazines that I will be bringing to the upcoming Spring S Spree to basically give away.   (sorry for the shameless plug...  or not )



The Digital Edition of OGR  has begun a section entitled "S Gauge Insights" I believe the first article is already on the web. The idea is to slowly expand this feature of Digital OGR to cover more and more of what is happening currently in S and some significant past events that are relevant.  New authors are welcome, by the way.

Ed Boyle

Partner and Associate Editor, O Gauge Railroading magazine


I makes prudent sense to start "S Gauge Insights" digitally and see how the feature progresses. Look at it positively, it is yet one more reason to subscribe to the digital edition of the magazine. The Digital Edition of O Gauge Railroading  with its extra pages in each issue on O gauge subjects and access to all previous issues of the magazine is a good deal any way you look at it.

Ed Boyle Partner, Associate Editor  O Gauge Railroading magazine

Rusty Traque posted:

There was the S Gaugian, but it ceased publication December 2019.


Yes, that's true, but it has been absorbed by CTT, per their editorials since.  It remains to be seen how this works out, but CTT has committed to covering the S interests into the future.

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"S Gauge Insights" is committed to covering the the current S scene and significant past happenings on a regular basis. As I said earlier, new authors for S in the Digital Edition of OGR are welcome to join us in spreading the word about 1:64th gauge trains.

Ed Boyle Partner, Associate Editor, O Gauge Railroading magazine

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