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I am installing a Operating Milk Loading Depot made by K-Line.  This is the one with a conveyor that loads the milk cans into the milk car.  It comes with a switch (see pic).  I do not like manual buttons on my layout so I am attempting to put the "buttons" to control the belt conveyor and man ejector and on my Legacy 990 remote using my Lionel TMC ASC (Accessory Switch Controller)(6-14182).  Has anyone tried to eliminate the switch that comes with the Creamery and use their Legacy remote?

So far here is how it works?

1.  The switch has an on - off switch for the belt conveyor (once you power it up) you click the switch on, the conveyor moves and the light comes on inside.  You then switch the conveyor off with the switch.

2. Once the milk can which is loaded from the belt,  goes inside, you depress a momentary button, the light comes back on and the man loads (or ejects) the can into the proper designated milk car.

My thoughts are to use 2 acc buttons on my legacy remote (5) & (6).  5 would operate the conveyor and 6 would operate the man.  I can't get it to work using the switch, or by passing the switch.

See diagram on how it is suppose to be wired up using the switch.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.  Thanks in advance....  Brian 20190116_07312420190116_07305620190116_07313420190117_124706


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I got an answer.  Yes.  My legacy remote is set to ACC 5 which gives the switch power.  I by passed the on and off switch and the momentary switches with a jumper for each.  I attached an off/on toggle switch on the jumper.  When the switch is on for the belt, the switch must be off for the eject man.  When the switch is on for the eject man, the switch must be off for the belt.  You can run both, but it robs the unit of power, and why would you want to run both at the same time.  So it works like this:

1.  Switch the toggle switch on for the belt.  Turn on your Legacy remote and select ACC 5.  Aux 1 begins movement of the belt, pushing the milk cans to the eject man inside.  Once accomplished release Aux 1 and it turns off. Place the toggle switch in the off position for the belt.

2. Switch the toggle switch on for the eject man. Turn on the legacy remote and select ACC 5 again. Hit the Aux 1 key which sets the man in motion with the milk can entering it into the milk car.  Once accomplished release Aux 1 and it resets and turns off.  Place the toggle switch in the off position.  Done.

What is nice is that you can walk over the the creamery and walk around.  Not having to stay in a fixed position holding down a button.   

Related a bit to this topic. Hoping can find some help, if I can I know this forum is the best place!!  

I have the dairymen but it doesn’t have the controller. Wondering how to wire it with on off switches.  I have tried it with a wire to the power and the eject with a swift and nothing, light comes on but no eject. I have tried it with a switch between the power and the belt and light comes in a belt turns really slow.  I have tried a plug and play switch that has on/off/momentum wiring the black and red to power terminal with white wire to belt. When turning on the light comes on and belt moves slow, pressing momentum the belt turns fast.  Doing the same with white wire to eject, light comes on, when pressure the momentary button nothing for ejecting.  Using 14 volts ac.  

I feel I’m missing something.  

Thanks for the help. 

I have eliminated the yellow button switch all together.  I think it was defective.  I wired it to toggle switches instead.  I will tell you that I run the belt and eject through my legacy remote, coupled with the ASC on ACC 5 and 6.  I turn the toggle to on for the belt and hit the 5 ACC on my remote.  Once the cans enter the building, I switch to the eject (turn off the belt via my toggle switch) and turn on the power via the toggle for eject.  It loads the car with plenty of power.  A little un-orthodox but it works.  I will try to send video. 

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