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Another way to trim rubber is with an abrasive. I would cut a wood block for a snug fit inside the diapragm. That will allow you to hold it perpendicular to a belt sander or flat rotary disk sander or even a sheet of sandpaper fastened to a flat surface. If you have a power tool the rubber will come off quickly so a light touch is needed. 



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Hi Norton, Thanks for posting the Lionel part number for the K-Line 18" heavyweights diaphragms.  I searched the OGR Forum and found your post.  I'm looking for some.  Lionel still has the parts in stock.  (It's 10/16/2021 today.)  Lionel must have the parts because Lionel manufactured some K-Line items after K-Line went out of business.  (But I guess that's obvious.)  Brasseur Electric Trains has the part, too.  It's under the Lionel parts list, not the K-Line list.

Screen shot from Brasseur


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