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LOL, this ad looks like someone at Lionel is oblivious to current trends.  Probably slept through the past decade or so after the collector market died a painfully costly death for those holding those gems.     These days few care about getting back on a treadmill full of overpriced instant collectables, especially overpriced ones.   Besides, everyone knows Lionel is gearing up a  boiler room in NC to spit them out at will.  


I recently visited Knoebels and made a stop in the Christmas Cottage where they sell Knoebels decorated O gauge trains. Back in 2018, only three cars were sold out. Currently, they have seven cars sold out including the 90th Anniversary car that started this thread. So much for the naysayers from five years ago!

To the best of my knowledge, here is the list of Knoebels train releases:

Year? Lionel 4-4-2 engine, tender and caboose

1995 Lionel Boxcar #1 (green) - sold out

1998 Lionel Boxcar #2 (red) - sold out

1999 Lionel Boxcar #3 (blue) -sold out

2000 Lionel Boxcar #4 (Phoenix)

2001 Lionel Boxcar #5 (75th Anniversary)

2007 Weaver Flat with Lumber (Flying Turns) - sold out

2011 Weaver 3 Bay Offset Hopper - sold out

2009 Weaver Woodside Reefer

2013 Weaver (MTH) Madison Passenger Car - sold out

2015 Weaver PS-1 Boxcar (Impulse)

2016 Lionel Boxcar (90th Anniversary) - sold out

2019 Lionel Unibody Tank

2020 Lionel Passenger Loading Platform

Feel free to update if anything is incorrect.

Also, those of us on the mailing list will be receiving a mailing for a new Lionel car that is already in stock!

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