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Hi -

I hope that someone has encountered this problem and can help...

I just purchased a LCS WiFi unit to use with my Legacy Base (v1.60 / v1.61 software) and Lionel iCab on an iPhone (iOS 13.6).

1. Connect all wires

2. Set to "Base"

3. Set to "Access Point" (not home network)

4. Powered on

5. iPhone finds LCS access point and connects

6. Launch iCAB app

7. iCAB app connects to LCS wifi (chain logo goes from red to green)

8. LCS green LED blinks every 2 seconds

9. LCS red LED is not lit

10. Command base yellow light is not lit

11. App says "Downloading data from base"

12. This goes on forever (> 3min; phone goes to sleep), so I hit "Cancel"

13. I get an error message that says could not download data "error 5"

14. It keeps trying to "download data" but never does

I tried checking all wire connections, powering off, powering / connecting in a different order.

The phone is sitting on top of the LCS box

I unplugged my DCS WiFi in case it might be interfering.

Same result.

Am I doing something wrong or do you think I have a defective unit?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

- mark

Original Post

For anyone who is interested -

I went back down to the basement and did some more troubleshooting. I changed the wifi channel on the LCS unit (from 1 to 5; no idea why I chose 5).  Now connects as before (green link icon) but now amber light on base is blinking and iCAB app seems to be working (for now).  So perhaps WiFi interference was the problem (?) and just because the link icon is green must not mean the connection is necessarily robust.

 I experienced a problem where a gaming WiFi router with channel bonding jammed Legacy base to CAB2 communications (on the 2.4Ghz band) and degraded the LCS WiFi.  We used WiFi sniffers to  diagnose the problem and found the high-power router dominated most of the middle of the WiFi channel spectrum.   The jamming was worst during a show when hundreds of cell phones were trying to connect to the router.  Removing the router solved that problem.  

The Legacy base has nine channels.  CH1 is below most commonly used 2.4GHz signals and CH9 is above most signals.  I use CH9 on the base and set the LCS WiFi to CH1.  When you have several WiFi routers co-located (as at a layout control panel), expect interference and set the channels of the devices accordingly.   I haven't run my train cam (2.4Ghz) for a while.  That transmitter, which is near the WiFi CH1 frequency,  may force a change of the LCS WiFi channel.

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