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I’m new to Legacy /TMCC having finally hooked up the Legacy system with my MTH DCS.  I’ve had no luck with adding my adding my Weaver Milwaukee Road “LittleJoe” electric to the DCS remote so I moved on to just operate it with the Legacy remote.

Question Does anybody have any suggestions as what I could try to get this older TMCC “LittleJoe” to work under the DCS remote!?!?!?  I thought I followed what needed to be done but no go.

Back to Legacy.  I thought I’ve added the “Little Joe and other locomotives correctly, changed their ID’s created lashups etc. but I still feel somethings are not right.

My question with the “Little Joe” is I seem to have all the functions working except I cannot get it to totally shut down.  Head light stays on and if I rotate the throttle it immediately starts moving.

Question Any ideas as to why the “Little Joe” won’t totally shut down?

Almost the same with my E8 lashups except they actually shut down BUT if I move the throttle they start moving before I’ve started them up again?!?!?

Question Is this normal for them to start moving when I move the throttle BEFORE I’ve hit the start button?

I recently got these two new sets of Lionel E8 pairs and have been able to get them working as mentioned above but my  2nd question for these is as a train in a lashup the speed is showing like 192 but is of course nowhere near that.

Question Does anybody know why it would display a speed like that?

I didn’t expect the “Little Joe” to have an orange programing key but I was surprised these new E8’s didn’t have one.  I have several other Lionel engines that I’ve bought over the years but haven’t tried them out yet and don't know if they come with a key.

Question Do all Lionel engines come with an orange key now?

Thanks for your help.

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This is normal. Shutdown only will terminate sounds and smoke units. On newer Legacy engines lights will also go dark but if you turn the throttle they will move. Pretty sure DCS engines will move too when in “shutdown”.

As to getting DCS to control your TMCC and legacy engines we’d need to know more about your setup.

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