Looking for some advice. I have a Kionel Legacy NW-2 loco that’s making a chattering or ratchet noise. Definitely coming from the fuel tank motor box. This was back to Lionel service when I first got it due to a truck issue. When it came back it was fine. This loco sat for a few months before using it again. I hope to avoid opening this up taking the shell off

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If it's anything like the SW-7, the grease in the worm gears in both trucks is an issue.  That brown clunky grease needs to be removed and Lithium grease needs to be used.

Make sure they have the shaft from the truck to the horizontal motor is installed correctly.  Make sure the truck assemblies are assembled correctly and the worm gear is not loose.  There's not much to see popping the hood.  Most of the business end is in the two trucks. Check those areas first.

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Thanks. Definitely not the trucks. If I apply pressure to the center tank where the motor is, the noise dissipates. Also, what’s the trick to removing the cab on these things?


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