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I have my eye of a few of the Lionchief starter sets. I like the toy train quality of them. I have the old LC Polar express without the bluetooth. My only beef with them is the poor speed control as opposed to say the LC+.


I'm hearing that the new LC sets with BT have much better speed control. Anybody have an experience with this? Are they better?



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Oh, I'm not expecting LC+ speed quality. But Lionel is advertising that the control is better with BT, and I want to know if anyone can speak to this claim.


I have Lionel set  6-84328, polar express with bluetooth.  While the speed control is pretty good, using the bluetooth app allows for adjustment of the max speed setting and selecting one of three momentum control settings, that are not available on the included Lionchief remote.  This may be what Lionel is referring to on enhanced speed control.





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As noted in a previous post, the bluetooth app based speed control setups offer a number of settings which are quite useful. Also, overall speed control is far superior (especially at low speeds) with a PWM based motor control system.

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