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This is the 027 set from 1959, well used and in original box.  The engine runs well but has a paint spot on the left rear side of boiler.    The original plastic whistle is broken but I repaired it with brass tube. See pictures.  I also added two side valve rods.  The set has no track but does contain the original transformer which works well.  Each pass car has a fault, one is missing an end railing and has a minor chip on roof corner.  See pictures to detemine condition, I would say ‘good’.  If you want a good running train but imperfect this is it.  Shipping is extra but can be picked up locally, central PA.  I will also  include billboards. This is the 027 set and does NOT include the horse car! Even though it is shown on the box.E9295A56-325C-4F5B-B320-2DEAAD30156653F5DC94-0868-47EE-9F98-A3D56CE3881B4E76F8BC-5AC7-4331-B563-63708827A17B120612AC-B955-48FE-9505-E558F1065CB992B94A06-E5F4-443A-B8FD-CD1C8D9D0142


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  • E9295A56-325C-4F5B-B320-2DEAAD301566
  • 53F5DC94-0868-47EE-9F98-A3D56CE3881B
  • 4E76F8BC-5AC7-4331-B563-63708827A17B
  • 120612AC-B955-48FE-9505-E558F1065CB9
  • 92B94A06-E5F4-443A-B8FD-CD1C8D9D0142
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