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Hi Everybody,

I was wondering if anyone has ever customized a Lionel 263E to look more like the 400E Blue Comet with the red wheels and pilot.  I'm thinking about possibly doing this so I did a mock up in Photoshop.  I'd be curious to see any pictures of this or any other successful custom tinplate you have made.  I don't want to ruin a perfectly good engine, so I'd also like to hear if you had any issues with paint or swapping out wheels, etc.





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I had actually submitted a suggestion to MTH to consider building an O scale Blue Comet that was a smaller duplicate of the Standard Gauge icon - 4-4-4, same lines/propotions, etc.  So many of us are too invested in O Scale or don't have the space for Standard, but would like the opportunity to have a propotioned O Gauge version of this classic icon on our layout.  MTH suggested it was already available - the blue 263E...  Oh well.

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