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Have a Lionel 282 gantry crane (1954).  Need the 282-10 worm gear which broke but nobody seems to stock it.  Anyone know where I can get one?  I do have a 282-121 worm gear for the model R (1956), but it will not work on the 1954 crane.  Is there a way to modify the 282-121 to fit the non-R model?  Thanks.  Tom

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I have five 282 {NON R} crane mechanisms, four of which have the blackened metal 282-10 worm gears as seen in this pic:


and one of which has the white nylon gears. One of the nylon gears has part of it's retention/locating flange broken. On close examination I see the gears and clutch are NOT interchangeable.

Whereas the white nylon gear has a protrusion which matches a notch in the clutch:


The blackened metal gear has the notch and the clutch has the protrusion:


These are both 282, NOT 282-R cranes so the clutch, shaft and worm gears need to be obtained as a matched set.

I learned something.


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Just by way of beating the already dead horse .

A 282 motor is square to the clutch shaft so it's mating brass worm wheel must have the teeth angle-cut and a 282-R motor is angled to the clutch shaft such that It's mating brass worm wheel has it's teeth cut parallel to the shaft. Additionally, the 282-R clutch shaft is longer to accommodate the outboard catch return spring. Thus there is no way a 282-R clutch shaft would fit a 282 and engage the motor worm.

Another pic showing the short shaft with nylon gears and an angle-cut brass worm-wheel:

        IMG_1546 [1)

Which merely reinforces what Lionel Parts just said. Pictured is a late-1955 282 mechanism. Also, whereas either clutch-shaft with worm wheel and clutch-worm gears will work in a 282 NO mechanism parts will interchange between a 282 and a 282-R, just as stated in the Lionel service manual.


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Well to beat the horse even more, To add even more mystery to the question. Apparently John you are correct, there is a 'third' hybrid clutch shaft assembly listed in the 1960 update to the 282 version. The number is 282-131. Now if you look on the list, the mating worm gear is the metal 282-10 with the beveled interlocks. So the clutch must also be beveled. Now an interesting note is I called Dennis Waldron this morning to ask what he thought. He said in his collection of factory addendum from Lionel back in the day, specifically noted to substitute 282-131 clutch shaft assembly with 282-123 assembly. ?.

I guess we can figure it out if you want to take you crane a bit further apart. Remove the clutch shaft out of the solenoid coil. If the end of the shaft is larger than the rest, like it has plunger on it, this is the later shaft as the solenoid core is larger in the R version.

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