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Excellent condition - Tested and fully functional - All original boxes inc shipper and manual.

$1800.00 Firm +shipping

When Lionel announced the 2021 de-featured release of this set, I immediately went searching for an original, 2005 set. Two sets became available and I went after both figuring if one fell out, I would still get one.  As fate would have it, I ended up with both sets, one new and one used. I've decided to sell the used set given the original owner claimed to have cleaned, re-lubricated and adjusted all the door limit switches, and tilt mechanisms. I tested them and they all work perfectly. I replaced the traction tires and two (2) journals that showed signs of zinc rot. (I had to purchase a complete truck assembly from Lionel in order to get the journals.)

The box is large and heavy; 31x22x14 / 33 lbs. so local pick-up is encouraged.

Paypal friends and family only.

Contact via my profile email address.



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