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I just got a  new old stock ... never run ...Lionel Century Club NYCF3 6-18135 when I first powered it up the dummy sounds unit works fine .

The Power unit . has a slow response with making the direction signal work, It will work but time delayed , the front coupler works ok .  turning the thumb wheel on my Cab-1 works but same thing a slow re ponce . as mentioned I think all works but slow responce...

I tried opening up and reseating the boards connectors. alos I tried a long wire to see if it was a antenna issue but no differance

My Question is since this is first generation  Tmcc is their a fix  I can try or  any other known fixes..thanks for the info daniel

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When you say slow response, when you change direction does the lighting immediately change and such but just takes a while to move while dialing the throttle?

These are Pullmor motors and you might have to set the Stall setting as it takes a lot to get these to move.  The stall setting allows the initial voltage to the motor to be greater to get to the point quicker where the motor can operate.  Not sure if thats what you mean by slow response.

HI guys thanks . I already took the motors out to check for harden grease its the type that is greenish clear very soft still I added a few drops of my oil in the bearings  gears etc..

I  did the stall settings got it moving and hit set  button..

then while the lights flashed i re hit the set button and it sounded the horn

all that makes a fast re ponce with the cab 1  no time delay doing this...

but when I try to hit the directional button button it takes like 4 feet of time before it gets its signal  or evan if its not moving thier is a long time delay to have it change

and when I turn the button it acks like I need to reset the stall again.

also when I try to slow it down theirs again that 4 feet of travel time..

I have two cab-1 remotes they both do the dame one has battery votage on all 4 at 1.56 volts the other has voltage at 1.48

thanks again guys ...daniel

ps my other units TMCC all have fast response no issues  at all...

I do not have a 9 volt in the dummy A unit for sounds not sure if its needed or related to my problem



Ok I just got back checking and after I set the momentum .. I then hit L ...

I notice such a difference in response .

Only noticeable problem is the direction button delay

It takes around 2 feet to get a signal to it.. . However im ok with it because I do not reverse alot .

I did notice Lionel carries a new board  6108192256 for $35.00 ! I might get it just to have it at that price .

I plan on running it for a while to break it in and see what happens thanks guys and MartyE

I forgot to mention when I first got it it would jump in conventional mood only and had no sounds .but that only happened once or twice so far it did not do that anymore when I reprogrammed it back to engine 1 (i was trying engine 33)


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