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My Lionel Culvert Un-Loader has the "light beam" feature -- so the unit "knows" when a culvert gondola car is resting in the correct position and ready for unloading. My device works perfectly, but if the light beam isn't "interrupted" by the gondola car, it won't operate.  There is a later version of this ultra-cool action accessory with Command Control added, but I didn't buy that one.

I favor action accessories that can be "joined together" to create a complete cycle of action, as:
   Lionel Culvert Unloader and Loader
   Lionel Coal Ramp and Coal Loader (with a "coal slinger" accessory placed underneath the Coal Ramp)
   Lionel Barrel Loader with accompanying Barrel Ramp Car alongside (so the cycle can be repeated).
       I use two Barrel Ramp Cars with accurately placed track activation sections; one to catch the barrels, and one to
           dump the barrels at the base of the Barrel Ramp accessory.
   Lionel Oil Derrick and Oil Drum Loader; needs some "five finger engineering" to create the illusion of collaboration.
   MTH Coal Tower with clamshell bucket, with a coal dump car in position to dump a coal load into its bin and then move
       the car into position under the drive-thru Coal Tower to accept its coal discharge.

My hope is that Lionel would make a companion accessory for its iconic Sawmill, so that the output of lumber planks could be be directed to a conveyor for dumping into a waiting gondola car.

There are perhaps other examples; or scratch-built projects that incorporate a repeating cycle.
Mike Mottler      LCCA 12394

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