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Has anyone built this layout? I am thinking about it, but looking for feedback on how difficult it will be, especially the wiring part. I can buy the plans on e-Bay, which includes the wiring diagram, etc, but wanted to get some opinions from the group.

I like the plan, but actually wish it was Super O track, as I like the appearance better.  I've got 8x8, so looking to maximize that space, with as many trains and cool accessories as possible.


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Hi Skip!  In the "Wonderful World of Trains" title sequence and credits, the layouts shown were (modified) D-164 (1956 5X9) and D-165 (1956 8X8).  When the 736 Berk comes out of the double portal tunnel, that is the D-164, but the scene quickly shifts to the big steamer ascending a very steep grade on a D-165.  Both layouts were extensively modified for filming.  The upper level of the D-164 was removed and the steep grade specially built on the D-165 where no grades exist on the production layout, among other modifications.  The trains were filmed using a camera on an overhead dolly rig.  Special "flashings" were constructed of heavy paper covered with 919 grass to prevent the edges of the display layouts from showing in the film.  Jack Kindler of the sales staff was Lionel's "point man" on this project and was present during all of the filming to assist with technical details.

The D-192 was the 1957 8X8 layout.  It used a very unique and interesting track plan.  Someone who is contemplating building a recreation of this layout should try to see an original one first, as Lionel made some minor adjustments to the track arrangement at the "S" curve of the twice around outer loop for better operation.  Also, the arrangement of the tunnel portals on the actual production layout is different from that of the mock-up shown in the 1957 advance catalog.  An original D-192 is located at "Nostalgia Station" in Lexington, Kentucky and was open to the public pre-COVID.  It would be best to check their current status and hours before visiting.

BTW, your NYC themed layout is beyond words my friend!

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