I’m quite new to the hobby and have been slowly putting my 3 rail layout together for the last 10 months.  This past week I was finally able to power it up and start running some trains, which was the best feeling after months of research and time spent learning how to get my layout to come to life.  I’m running both MTH DCS and Lionel Legacy and things were going great as I had successfully added both an MTH & Lionel Legacy engine; however, when I went to add an additional Lionel Legacy engine this evening, I got stuck.

The first Lionel Legacy engine I added was a 2010 BN SD60 #8302, but when I tried to add another 2010 BN SD60, but #3201, I couldn’t get it to work.  The worst part is now both engines appear to be operating at the same time when the first engine I added is selected.  It’s as if the second engine only operates and mirrors what the first engine does.  What am I missing and how do I fix this?  After reading the Lionel Legacy manual, I’m still stuck.

Hopefully it’s an easy problem to correct.  Thanks for your time and help.


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Sounds like the 2 Lionel engines have the same I.D. number. Change 1 engine to #83 and the other to #32.

Then delete the first engine in the DCS handheld. Then add the Lionel #83 to the DCS handheld, and add the #32 to the handheld.

You did not say but I take it you have the Bases connected together with the serial cable.



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Hi Paul~

Thanks for your response.  I should have been more clear in the description of my problem.  At this point, I’m not yet using the MTH DCS remote to control the Lionel Legacy engines (I do have the serial cord though so my problem exists entirely within my Lionel Legacy system and the remote.  I tried adding the second engine manually as well as loading the orange engine module, still no luck.

Somehow they must both be set to the same number. As Paul says start over and assign new numbers as he suggested. Let us know.

Rod Miller

Hi Rod~

Thanks for your response.  I added both engines separately to the Lionel Legacy remote.  The first engine has engine ID #1 and the second engine had ID #2.  Both engines show up correctly on the remote and the modules are different so their road numbers are correct as well; however, the second engine I added only responds to commands when the first engine is selected and running.

It looks like I created a twin


Although you added them as two different engines with ID# 1 for the first and ID# 2 for the second, they both came from the factory with their internal Legacy ID# set to 1. Although you told Legacy that the second engine was ID# ,it has ID# 1 internally and so will only respond to commands for ID# 1.

When Legacy attempts to operate the second engine, it addresses it as ID# 2. Since the engine has ID# 1, it doesn't respond. However, when you operate the first engine, both operate since both have ID# 1.

The solution is to follow the instructions in the Legacy manual to change the second engine's ID# to ID# 2 Then, each will operate independently of the other.



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That’s a little confusing, basically program each engine with a different number and do not use either #1 or #99 because those two numbers are reserved by the factory to address all Lionel engines.

I program a number that is some subset of the road number that’s stamped on the engine for easy recall.


Go back to my original response, and find the run/prog switch on each engine. 

Power off

Set switch to (PROG)

Place engine on track

Turn on power to 18VAC

On the remote, press (ENG), 83, (SET), engine should respond with a horn.

Turn off power

Return run/prog switch to (RUN)

Engine should now respond to (ENG) 83 (AUX1)

Repeat steps for engine #32




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Paul, Chuck, & Barry~

Thank you so very much, your advice collectively solved my problem.  Ended up changing engine IDs to #31 & #32 and it worked...even created my very first lash-up as well.

Thank you again!

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