I just bought a Lionel legacy sd70ace spirit of up locomotive brand new still sealed in the shipping box the locomotive surges/jerks then it will get better after running for a little while then all of a sudden it won’t go more than a foot without the locomotive locking up and the cab light flashes the stalled drive motor code. Any thoughts?

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Most likely a lion drive issue. There is a t drive gear pressed on to the motor shaft. 

There is removable coupler between the truck drive shaft ( part of the truck assembly) and the t drive gear on the motor. This is the liondrive coupler.

possible issue issues. The truck is not on correctly. The t shaft gear on the motor had slipped into another position or is slipping on the shaft.

There are some video' onlin how to remove the trucks. Be careful of the plug that attaches to the truck.







To drop the truck you rotate it 90 degrees. One direction it will move about 45 and then become harder to rotate. The other way you can rotate it about 70 degrees before you feel resistance.  Keep mooving in the 2nd direction. 

Drop it slowly. You may not have to detach the wires to see the problem. There is a coupling the mates the motor to the truck that  can fall out. Check that is fully seated in the truck. Also check to see that wheels turn freely. Maybe a spur gear is bad.

Chuck, search lionelsupport for 1943, the engine cab number for a parts list. Link below.




I wonder if the flashing light is an "over current" warning, i.e., something is binding so the Legacy boards shut down instead of frying themselves or the motor.

What's the product number?   Are the worm gears properly greased, or is old, hardened grease in there?  Also as Miguel stated above- are your wheels in gauge?  It seems like Lionel built a bunch of diesels with at least one axle gauged too wide, leading to binding or poor mesh of the gears along the side of the truck.

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

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