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Hi OGR Forum Members,

I am looking to get in hardly used (perhaps just tested) 'like new' condition the Lionel Norfolk and Western Powhatan Arrow aluminum streamlined passenger cars to run behind a Legacy J-class engine which I am also searching for. Any or all 7 cars from the 2005 time period as defined below.

Lionel 6- model numbers are:

- 29182 4-pack

- 29187 2-pack

- 29190 Diner

Please let me know if anyone is aware of a source. Thank you in advance for reading this.


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Hello OGR Forum Members,

This is a note of thanks to those forum members who provided me support and counsel on my post above re: the topic of finding the newer 18" Powhatan Arrow cars.

One person suggested an Ebay auction they had just seen started. I was successful in getting all 7 cars (4-pack, 2-pack, diner) in winning that auction. THANK YOU!

- Ken

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