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Was at the LHS, forum Sponsor The Imperial Train Company, today and this gem was unboxed.  Lionel's Halloween RS-11.  This was a surprise for sure.  Lots of cool sounds and "scary" bells and whistles.  As fast as it was unboxed, it had to be boxed right back up again because it was purchased.  The sound was crisp and loud and the engine performed flawlessly.  

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Grampstrains posted:
Greg Houser posted:

I think part of the problem is the catalog and online description on Lionel's website have no mention of the Halloween themed sounds.  That's definitely a point which needs to be made as that is what "makes" this engine. 

Does anyone know if the LionelChief+ Halloween engines (both steam and diesel) have this same sound set?


You should read the catalog again.  It states right above the engine "Halloween themed crew talk and sounds"

Thanks, I shouldn't have assumed the catalogs would have information the website doesn't.

Fyi...I googled "Lionel Legacy diesel with Halloween sounds" and "Lionel Legacy Steamer with Halloween sounds". 

The diesel search took me here:

No mention of the Halloween sounds.

The steamer search took me here:

No mention of Halloween sounds.


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