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Up for sale are some Lionel items. Both TMCC and Legacy.

Prefer outright sales, but may be interested in trades. Email in profile. I do accept paypal or cash.

2022070 Boston and Maine E8 passenger set, Legacy/Bluetooth, milk car was taken from set and replaced with another, set box bottom not the original. $old

6-31748 Santa Fe U28CG freight set, TMCC/Railsounds 5.0, 4 cars and smoking caboose $old

6-31735 Chessie GP30 freight set, TMCC/Railsounds 4.0, 4 cars and smoking caboose $old

6-84402 Burlington Northern SD60M with Legacy $400

2233790 Amtrak Phase V F40 cabbage, Legacy/Bluetooth but non powered $old

6-38580 Northern Pacific GP9 non powered $165

2933580 Central of Georgia F7 set, Legacy/Bluetooth. $old

6-15520 southern crescent stationsounds diner $180

Send email for additional photos, information or discussion.


Images (11)
  • 411342BA-0E5B-4157-B3D2-28DBF54E6DF5
  • 6DF66FCA-3315-4E4E-9C16-35FC08217A0C
  • FCDB9566-1A02-4600-B7AB-18CD13F4C08C
  • E75E463A-25DB-4268-9598-4337FE07E179
  • 4E8A85A6-CDDD-47FF-AB21-1C565EEE5523
  • 1E26C8FB-3CF6-44A6-B7C7-BFE56E2F5355
  • F7A10E1F-1017-4E7F-982C-170F6E850E21
  • C7000372-0AB8-4E34-8AD2-144655CCB56A
  • 91B0A877-244E-4DF3-9991-C00441081782
  • AFF91C9C-6F9D-4CAC-8326-D89E7368A9F5
  • C11693D9-29A2-4D34-A1AD-0EB21ED290F1
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