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I just took delivery of, 2 of the 4 boxes that the George Bush Funeral Train will arrive in. The box for the 4141 set is basically trashed and the box for the 9096 is intact but has crushed corners. I'd have to heavily tape up the 4141 Set shipping box.

So, my question is, "Do I lose any Collector's value if I go ahead and trash the crappy China made card board boxes?"


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@Mike W. posted:

I keep all boxes designed for the product.  The carton protects the color box so why not.   One day you may need to put it all back up.  I keep it all because I like stuff I spend $$$ to stay perfect even if it has nothing to do with value or lack of value.  It has value to me because I purchased it new.

I do the same when it's not damaged significantly.  The described condition in the original post sounds like it would be more trouble than it's worth to try to maintain some semblance of extra protection, though.


@Mike W. posted:

As far as the shipper not having any value.  I guarantee that if for some reason you want to sell a modern era train item on Ebay...the one with the carton either sells faster or for more $$ than the one without.  This is really true for anything.

I buy a lot of trains through ebay.  If I have a choice of buying one with the original shipping box or one without, I will invariably go for the one with the shipping box.  There are a couple of reasons:

  • I'd rather have a nice looking original inner box from which to use to display them.
  • The original shipping carton keeps it snug for the best protection.
    • If the inner box is in great shape, the train inside is apt to not suffer any damage.
      • Some sellers ship in a box that's too big.
        • It allows the inner box to bounce around in it.
        • There's a much bigger chance the train will get damaged.
    • Should I need to ship it later, I can reuse the shipping container again.

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