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So I finally went back a bit further in this directory and discovered the wonderful posts by @thor73 about adding Loksound dcc cards to his locos and setting up the decoder. I want to try this brand, but read that while you can program them using jmri's decoder pro, having a Loksound programmer is the better option for interfacing with the card. Has anybody had any experience with the Loksound programmer and is using it better than programming via decoder pro in jmri? Does it do more than the decoder pro software?


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There are several things that a LokProgrammer can do that JMRI can not.

  • Write a new sound file.
  • Edit the contents of an existing sound file, for example, changing the available horns.
  • Read or write all CVs in just a few seconds.
  • Write the latest version of firmware.

There are some advantages to JMRI.

  • The program is free.
  • It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Support for decoder brands other than Loksound.

Hope this helps.

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