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Looking for item number(s) the yellow/amber colored 2mm ceramic marker lamp for the MTH steam engines. I have a few item numbers for both the red and green colored marker lamps.  Does anyone know where else I can find these certain sized LEDs? I would prefer the 2mm ceramic LEDs for the markers if possible.



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Well, you just have to search the Internet, those have been discontinued by the manufacturer Lumex for some time now.  You can occasionally find them at surplus component places, I searched a lot of obscure sites to find the ones I have.  I don't know where the manufacturers like Lionel and MTH were getting them, but I have to wonder if they did a last-time buy and will run out at some point.

They’re your trains, and you can do what you want, ....but there’s no amber “marker” lights used on real railroads, ....and “ markers” mark the train’s; the end of the train ( illuminated red) class lights were used to tell what the train’s job was that, or white ( actually clear) ....lights on, or lights off also dictated what the job was for that given job it was doing.....again, they’re yours, do as you please, just wanted to let you know,....there’s no amber “markers” ...


Stan, I've been looking for true 2mm thru-hole LED's, but so far have come up dry.  I'd also like to find those really tiny red LED's that really old brass used to use, they're also 2mm in diameter and no fat back.   I've looked far and wide, but so far no luck with anything truly 2mm except for composite stuff fabricated from surface mount LED's, not the same thing.

...but so far no luck with anything truly 2mm except for composite stuff fabricated from surface mount LED's, not the same thing.

But if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, etc...

No doubt each application is slightly different, but what's wrong with the "composite stuff"?  I may not be understanding what you mean, but seems you can get a pre-wired smt LED, shove it down a 2mm hollow rod, and glue on an amber round-top lens.  Yeah, requires good eyes, craftsmanship, spare time, etc. but then again if there's no readily available alternative? 

Stan, you answered your own question!  It's time and money.  Also, the pre-wired SMT LED doesn't shine out like the molded LED's, it shines to one side.  Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. You also have to find the proper 2mm hollow rod and a lens that does the job.  Of course, unless the LED shines up to the lens, the lens isn't doing much...

I'm not ready to give up the fight to find a suitable replacement that I don't have to build.  I also scored a bunch of the ceramic LED's before the stream ran totally dry.  I'll deal with the replacement when I run out of them.

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