Are these two brands compatible?

Compatible with what - each other?  Some specific material(s)?  For some other extraneous applications? 

Isn't sanity really just a one trick pony, anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick, rational thinking!

But when you're good and crazy…ooh hoo hoo hoo…the sky's the limit!




Strummer posted:

...what about "3-in-One"? 

Mark in Oregon

In various lubrication posts there have been several people warn against using 3 in one oil. Apparently it gets gummy in time. 

The LaBelle oil packaging says their oil is either light or medium weight synthetic motor oil. 

I purchase LaBelle products on Amazon. 

I like their Teflon gear oil.  Somebody posted how to buy it from an auto parts store in quantity, but I forget . . .

I use the stuff everywhere.  I use it to keep my airplane wheels from galling.  I put some on a sewer cleanout plug yesterday.

I use white lithium on club locomotives, but mine get Teflon.

My freight axles (well, all axles) get SAE 30.  Same can I use on the lathe bearings.


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