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Did someone recently post a list of Menard's train items? Or am I dreaming?

it was not a price list or for sale list. It was just a listing of many of the train items Menard's has released over the years.

If they did, anyone have a link to the post?

Big thanks!

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@GVDobler posted:

The latest OGR magazine has basically a Menard's catalog in the center, which could be what you saw. I haven't looked to see if it is in the digital version. It looks like you can pull it out of the magazine.

Is this a listing of the current items available or was it a listing of all the items Menard's sold?

Unfortunately I do not have access to the digital OGR magazine.

@PRRMP54 posted:

I think that a listing of everything that Menard's has offered would be quite nice. Especially if it included prices and year(s) of availability. Quantity produced would be interesting but they might consider that proprietary.

IIRC the listing shows Menard's SKU and a description. Seems like there was a third column, but don't remember what it contained.

Pretty certain they wouldn't want to disclosed quantities.

That "Train Stuff from Menard's" was useful, but l wonder if it, well, l just thought of the vinegar plant, not shown, or I all are not shown.  A Menard's "Greenberg" book might be what poster is wanting, but probably only Menard's can keep up.  I can't and have missed stuff.  A cumulative,   archival Menard's website would be nice, and could be used to introduce new offerings, too

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