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Late this morning I tried to contact Mth's Parts Department and I left my contact information. Within 15 minutes Midge called me, I have never spoken to her before and I want to complement her on this Forum for her professional and friendly customer service. I needed replacement parts for an MTH smoke unit and an assortment of traction tires and with her assistance these items are on order.

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Finding great employees/assistants is really difficult.

Then it becomes a two edged sword... the really superlative  "keepers" often move on.

Even when you can often match the a pay offer,  benefits and  future advancement potentials are much more difficult. 

Mike has a gem... hopefully he continues to recognize Midge's on-going  excellence and contributions. 

I totally agree Midge is the best most efficient lady in the world, and i have always thanked her for her expert service at MTH in YORK or when I went to tech school she knows her Job and will miss her when she retires but everybody needs to retire sometime and enjoy there retirement!

Especially Midge !  sincerely thank you Midge for your kindness and polite always!

Alan Mancus

Had my first dealing with Midge yesterday. What a pleasant and patient person to work with...and efficient too!  I told her about all the glowing comments posted about her on the OGR forum and she was flattered. Midge did tell me that she plans to retire next April after 19 years at MTH.

Well, it's kind of a forced retirement, MTH is closing!

I make it a point to stop by the MTH booth at York and tell them we appreciate their efforts.

Me too. I hope Midge and the rest of the MTH crew will attend York one last time so I can tell them what their company and their efforts have meant to me. I wonder which York will be the last for MTH. Just guessing and hoping that MTH will attend both in 2021 provided the pandemic doesn’t put a stop to it again.

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Midge was kind enough to get authorization about 10 years ago for all new couplers for my 1998 20-6519 Amtrak Amfleet set which had started crumbling do to zinc pest rot.  I scanned the original receipt along with Emailing pictures to her.  This kind of service which was provided to me gave me faith in MTH along with all the members on the forum providing advice on fixing small issues.

Thank you so much Midge! 

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@RJR posted:

I always made it a point to stop by and say hello.  She did say years ago that 2021 would be her retirement year.

Why should MTH spend the money to go to York when they're winding down?

Uh, they won't.  I expect the industry will give Mike Wolf a fitting sendoff, probably at the April York.  MAYBE he will be there for the public to meet and greet, but maybe he would rather just move on??  The October York is already cancelled, and (assuming MTH in fact closes next MAY) why would they pay to go to the April York? 

And, Midge- sounds like she was a real asset.  But suggesting a bonus, or financial rewards?  From a company that is folding?  I don't think so.    On the other hand, if I was an MTH employee that was involved with buying/continuing a part of the business- I might find a place for Midge (IF she wants to keep working).

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