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I decided to put together a reasonable replica of the Northwoods Hiawatha that was used primarily for service from Wausau to Star Lake Wisconsin. I used an American Flyer body shell. A Lionel shell could also be used with similar results. It had to be shortened about 5/8" and the rear section of the cab had to be modified. The rear cab windows were taken from the sides of the original model. The handrail stanchions are Lionel parts that are like the ones used on a 700E. Parts of the body were removed and holes filled using JB Weld.  I used a running gear from a Williams brass camelback. The tender body is a highly reworked Lionel, and the frame was scratch built. This loco runs beautifully and looks good with the set of cars that I created from a set of Lionel Railchief cars. I scratch built the frames and beavertail end. The trucks and car ends are K-line.  I made all of the decals. Also pictured is a reworked original Lionel Hiawatha 4-4-2. The 4-6-0 is quite small compared to the scale size 4-4-2.



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Very impressive...thank you very much for sharing your work. I just finished re-reading the Scribbins book so your thread is particularly timely for me. For comparison purposes, posted below is a picture of a Precision Scale HO brass model of one of the streamlined Class G 4-6-0s. Considering the spirit in which your kitbashing project was intended, I'm of the opinion your model compares very favorably with the PSC locomotive which is a truly fine scale model. Well done, sir.


Thanks again for sharing.



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Scale City Designs posted:

What a super job on these locomotives!!!!!!!!!  You would definitely get my dads and grandfathers seal of approval on this as they worked for the Milwaukee for almost 90 years combined.

If you need any of the Hiawatha parts that Walthers made we should have them.

I have placed some orders from you for various parts. GREAT PARTS AND SERVICE! I will be ordering again!

I cant get enough of these 10 wheelers, or The scenes you have in the background . I saw the Chips, makes me want to drive to Merrill and grab a couple of doubles for lunch

We like Chips too, Merrill is the best of the 3 remaining Chips stores. Since the pandemic they are drive through only. I sent them a picture of my Chips building and they have it hanging in their dining room.

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