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We have been busy this Spring and Early summer with all sorts of activites.

In April, we journeyed to York with our our smaller portable layouts, including the one with a Lionel Display Layout D-27 simulation and participated in Ashland Rail Days.

Visits from two area nursing/assisted living facilities.....and, an Open House yesterday, the 24th of June.....

Purple Hall set up....


Ashland Rail Days....


Our Open House......


Scott and Josh Smith journey from Roanoke to runs trains with us at our Open House....


Mike McCutcheon and his family were on vaction and dropped in to our Open House as their route back to Maine took them through the Richmond metro area.....


Have a great weekend, folks!



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We just keep rolling along......these pics are from a recent workday/run session. This week, we host our 4th Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facility outing this summer.

Later in the week, we will set up for our annual 9 day run a the Chesterfeild County Fair....


These short videos really highlight the added dimension that the RailSounds boxcars provide!

Have a great and safe weekend, folks!



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@Mark Boyce posted:

That's quite a schedule you keep!  Do you mean you have setup at 4 different Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facilities?  The Chesterfield County Fair has certainly grown since I was there in 1976 if you are setting up for 9 days!  Have a great couple weeks!

Mark.....we used to go to Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities  but set up was usually tough, space was limited, access poor and participation most times very thin.....

Most facilities nowawadays have their own handicapped-equipped busses which can transport a group at a time.

The response has been much better because the facilites are staffed for outings have a dedicated staff for the purpose of taking the residents out on local trips. At our storefront, the stripmall set up is ideal because we have ground level access and handicapped compliant restrooms.

We are very fortunate to have the space we have to keep the layouts up and running.


Peter, it is a lot of work transporting a layout and assembling it in a public venue.  And then having to take it down and move it and store it  isn't exactly a picnic either.  My hats off to you and your guys for making that happen, especially for old folks who probably appreciate it as much or more than young kids do. 

I would bet that the fellowship and comradery with the guys in the club go a long ways toward making up for it.   I learned a long time ago that this hobby is so much more fun when it is shared.

Thanks for what you are doing and thanks for sharing it with us.


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