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It certainly helps when you can draw on the collective education, skill and experience of the group. We have at least 5 engineers (mostly electrical, followed by mechanical), an industrial designer, members who have furniture-quality woodworking skills, one avionics tech, and, lastly, lots of enthusiasm.

My skill set and specialty is being a good "go for".


You are part of “The Dream Team”.

Like I said….since we no longer have our storefront, meeting for breakfast keeps us together as we plan the rest of the year. After breakfast, we went to SantaLand where Tom (Gilly@N&W) when over his plans for SantaLand this year………
we also will house our 6x15 and 12x15 layouts there.

Then, some of us went to my house to test out some repaired engines….



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Got a late 40s/early 50s train donation.Sunny and in the 70s in Central Virginia today. A perfect  day for an outdoor bath.

A huge box of Marx, LittleTown and Plasticville buildings…….


A perfect day for outdoor drying……..some of these LittleTown buildings are ones that I’ve never seen before.


Have a great day, everyone!



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We are in high gear for the Summer…….

Next week we set up our 21x47 layout for a two week run at the Keystone Tractor Museum in Ettrick/Colonial Heights, VA…….along the west side of I-95, just north of Petersburg.


Trains Trucks & Tractors: Titans of Transportation

SATURDAY, SUNDAY……JULY 20-21, and JULY 27-28, 2024 - (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

All Aboard!! 2 Weekends this July. Saturday & Sunday, 9am-5pm. The famous 135,000 square foot Antique Truck & Tractor Museum hosts the RF&P Model Railroaders in a 9000 square foot showcase of O, HO, & N Scale trains.

Model Railroading is the miniature world you build in the palms of your hands. Life miniaturized! These veteran hobbyists with nearly 50 years of wildly popular shows, are “trained to be on track” with everything from the fun & whimsical to the realistic & prototypical. Train enthusiasts from 1 to 102 will find their eyes feasting on the wonders of locomotion. And there is more...

You will see Sailor Bob’s Griggs Valley Railroad that you saw on his TV show will be here, as will the RICHBRICK LEGO CITY model railroad, as we help welcome LEGO to our area! Also, check out Menardville, by River City 3 Railers and Mystery Mountain by Richmond Area NTRAK and see if you can solve the puzzle – where did the train go? of course you will see all that is in the museum, including: EL TURBO, a 1949 Peterbilt West Coast Super Truck with over 6 million miles; a 1950 Ford VA State Police car – the 1st year of the gray & blue; and a 1938 Minneapolis-Moline UDLX Tractor, the very 1st American tractor ever made with a cab (only 125 were made).

There are vintage toys, tools, bottle collections and so MUCH MORE! There is no additional charge for all of the train displays – do not miss them! The restaurant inside the museum serves breakfast & lunch every day (breakfast all day). Bring the children and the grands, get together with friends! You must see it all to believe it!

Event Organizer

Richmond Freelance & Prototype Model Railroaders

Home to the HO Scale VP&C Model Railroaders, N Scale BR&W RR and the Richmond Area NTRAK Model Railroaders, with special interest groups for the River City 3 Railers and Richmond Area T-TRAK.

We’ve recently brought our smaller layouts to the Children’s Museum of VA and Ashland Train Day

We are getting ready for the Winter season by building the layout we will raffle. Consequnetly, I’ve been refurbishing some Plasticville that we’ve received in donations…..


Here is some re-painted plastic I’ll……


Another work day, tomorrow, as we get ready for the Fall/Winter season…..



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