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About a week ago, I wrote the problems my home town, (Cincinnati, Ohio) is having with there transit system.   In a recent email note from Market Street Railway (San Francisco),  it states the following:  All cable car lines and streetcar lines have been shut down until further notice.  Trolley Bus and Diesel Buses are running but I am not sure how that will play out.  Most likely passengers for those vehicles will have to enter and exit through the rear door keeping them away from the bus operators.  The front seats of the vehicles will probably be roped off.  This also means that passengers must purchase a pass or some kind of ticket for riding these vehicles.  All passengers will have to sit 6 feet away from another passenger and most likely wear face masks.  Light Rail and Subways (Including BART) will continue operating because the Operators of such vehicles are isolated away from the passengers in the front of the vehicle.  This is probably true for Cal-Trains.   

SEPTA of Philadephia has eliminated all PCC Streetcars on the 15 Girard Car Line, stating that a bridge replacement and refurbishment of the cars is needed.  It will be interesting to see if SEPTA will reinstate the PCC Streetcars when the Virus Problem is resolved.

If you live in a city and depend on the transit company, call them or go on-line to find out what they are doing to keep the company operating safely for the riding public. 

The world, as we know it, is a very different place.  But if we have faith in our leaders, most likely we will weather this storm and come out of it OK.     

Sincerely yours,     railbear601     

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One of the problems that has been reported about NYC is that with the lockdown, they cut back the number of trains running, but because they cut trains back they were running crowded. I don't know if this is still true now that the city is on total lockdown, but I saw pictures that back up this claim. They can't just shut down transit, though, a lot of the critical workers in places like stores and maintenance people and the like are not high income and depend on transit to get to their jobs. 

Well, I took the subway (F train) yesterday, from Avenue U to Bergen and then back in Brooklyn. They are running about every 20 minutes. Wasn't crowded (maybe one person at each end of the bench that runs between each set of doors) and an occasional standing person, and a few more people on the return trip, but then I was finished before afternoon "rush hour" really got started.

That said, there were enough people on the return trip that, even though it was far from crowded, there was still less than 6 feet between passengers.


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