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I am wanting to buy the MTH DCS Remote Control Set [50-1001].  I was looking online and there are a few older/used ones, but the state they're the "OLDER" non-USB version.  They have a 9-pin serial plug instead.  I know what both of those things are.

My question is - Besides the non-USB, does the Older (pre-2010) version of DCS 50-1001 have any performance or capability differences than the "Current" version of DCS?


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the Rev l has stronger signal than the previous versions, I have both, also depends how big your layout is and if you star wired correctly for best dcs setup!

you should purchase Barry's book on DCS companion and read all about the whole system then decide your self!


and good luck with your decision 

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Besides the non-USB, does the Older (pre-2010) version of DCS 50-1001 have any performance or capability differences than the "Current" version of DCS?

You might find the following helpful. From 226 page of The DCS Companion 3rd Edition:

TIU Revisions

DCS Book CoverThis and a whole lot more is all in “The DCS Companion 3rd Edition!"

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UP SD70,

   Good information given here by both Guns and Barry, I will just add this to it, although I am not willing to purchase used DCS or Legacy equipment off E-Bay, I would purchase either of the units from an OGR member, right here on the Forum.  Before ever purchasing from E-Bay, I would ask any of the OGR members, if they might have one they are will to sell, at a reasonable rate.   I have never been jilted by an OGR member as of this date, we have great people here.


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Do yourself a big favor and make your life easy by buying a Rev L TIU. I had plenty of signal problems that simply went away when the old TIU was replaced with a Rev L. This is the " heart " of your layout's electronics and is probably not the best place to cut a corner.

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The basically look the same. The Rev L has a USB port. There is a stamp on the back of the unit labeling it a Rev L. It has proven to be a much better TIU on my layout as far as signal quality is concerned. I think you would be best off buying a new one.

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The ones labeled ProtoSound 2 must have been early Rev. G.  I have a dead Rev. G in the closet, but it's labeled like the current ones with the DCS logo, so I don't know when they changed the logo.

This is from the forum, a for-sale ad from 2016, apparently a Rev. G.

Here's a current one from the MTH website.


I think the transition from the ProtoSound 2 logo to the DCS one happened with the H1. My cousin bought a new H1 with the ProtoSound 2 logo and I got one back in 2006 with the DCS logo. They probably had a few cases left and used them up on the H1 before going to the DCS logo.

George from L.I. posted:

What does the version with Rev L look like?  I was thinking about getting one myself, but I can't find pictures to show the difference.

All Revision L TIUs have a USB port. So the short of it is:

USB port = Revision L

No USB port = not Revision L

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Thanks for the clarification.  I now know I was looking at an older DCS system to purchase.  It was never used, so it has to be updated.  Do you think it is worth investing in?  I would only use it on small layout that I temporarily use for 2 months out of the year.  I know a lot of people said they have had trouble with the earlier version. 

The short answer is no, I would not buy an older unit. 

To draw it out. I have your layout. A 2 month Christmas layout. My reason for buying new was I didn’t want one more thing to troubleshoot. I also didn’t want to risk buying it and then spending full price on the new one anyway. I’m glad I did. There is enough to troubleshoot when DCS is working properly.  You’re saving the price of a few boxcars... IMO, it’s not worth the risk.

Buy the new one from one of the dealers on the Forum, why change taking on someone else's problems.


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