I am new to this form.  Glad to be here...

I have been looking to purchase a new MTH 50-1003 TIU and it appears all resellers are out of stock waiting for the shipment from MTH.  Any new on when this item is expected to hit the resellers?



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beachhead2 posted:

Frank, I don't know if anyone will be able to answer that.  I know personally, since I already own a TIU, I don't pay attention to availability.  I would suggest calling Stockyard Express.  They will know.  They are a strong MTH retailer.  Good luck to you.

Thank you Michael.  I figured this much, just hopeful to hear something definitive.

Yes, Stockyard Express is good, as are Mario's Trains and Grand Central (all supporters of this forum). Sometimes their stocking levels are refleced correctly at MTH's website. 

Good luck!

-- Dr Joe


Dr. Joseph V Russo


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